Learn to be mega-confident in dating, attract in exactly the right person for you, thrive in intimacy, and maintain a healthy relationship that lasts over time.

Hello beautiful woman, 

I remember when I broke up with my first boyfriend almost 2 decades ago. He just wasn’t right for me, as lovely as he was. 

Never did I guess that so much time would pass before I’d find love again. Then the years would go by one after another piling up like leaves in autumn, and I’d find myself still single.

Life felt somehow dry though it was filled with good friends, a thriving career, and what looked from the outside to be a beautiful life. And for the most part it was. 

People would tell me, ‘you’re good at being single’. I knew that. And it would frustrate me – I didn’t want to be single. 

I wanted to be good in relationship. 

I wanted to love and be loved. 

To have incredible sex and to feel my body light up in the hands of another. 

To experience building a family – even if it was just to be him and I – over time.
My body craved this. My soul yearned for it. 

I went on all the dating apps, read thousands of profiles – and learned that dating isn’t a numbers game. 

I read books like ‘Why men love bitches’ and anything else that would give me a clue. Therapy didn’t touch it either.

Nothing changed.

I learned to work on a much deeper level than I ever had before. I unwound my physical body, leveraged the power of my mind, and learned to read more deeply into my emotions – and things began to change fast. 

I spent a full 5 years working on myself before qualifying as a certified coach in one of the most ground-breaking and intensive trainings on the planet. I have since worked with hundreds of people over the past few years to effectively pass on what I have learned so that they can find the love that deeply desire and live life feeling more whole and full. 

I found crazy, sexy love.

And live a life that is far beyond my dreams.

I’m incredibly passionate about sharing what I learned and guiding others deeper into themselves so that they too can have lush love and the life of they truly desire.

If you have a ton of love to give to the right person, crave the wholeness of true healthy partnership, and desire affection and beautiful intimacy, then I’d love to explore the possibility of getting you there together.

Empowered Love is for you if you…

  • Have been toooooo single for what feels like forever and want out now!  

  • Are a beautiful soul with loads of love to give – your heart is huge 

  • Want to be with an incredibly gorgeous someone who loves you back just as much

  • Want to feel supremely confident and rock solid in the rough seas of dating

  • Want to easily navigate the delicate early stages of relationship so that you set a strong foundation for deep, healthy partnership that will last over time

  • Know that you’d make a fantastic girlfriend and pretty amazing life partner – if only you had the chance

  • Are very ready to meet someone (or even a few people) exactly right for you

  • Want to break old patterns of heartbreak and disappointment so you can feel fully satisfied and fully whole in love, relationship and intimacy

  • Know that there are some beautiful pieces of you that you’ve been hiding away, that you’ve lost touch with and that are crying out to come alive again

  • Want to be more in touch with your body and your pleasure but don’t know how to even begin to gain access to it

  • Are ready to own your sensuality – your own your unique flavour of sexy

  • Want to go deep into your body, mind and soul to change things permanently

  • And are looking for a safe, trusted place where you’ll be supported, held and loved through the entire journey

Send me an email and I’ll be in touch to set up a quick 15 minute chat and answer any questions you might have.

How the programme flows

Each week of the 6 week programme dives deep into you. You’ll experience 6 live coaching sessions over 6 weeks, support from a safe and powerful sisterhood, simple practices that ensure powerful results

Dates: Oct 15th - Oct 22nd

Investment: £600 before Sept 18th; £800 after

Registration closes Oct 1st

6 powerful weeks of transformation

Week 1 – Clarity

Get crystal clear on what you want in a relationship. Create a blueprint for who you want to be, who you want to be with and what the relationship that you will create together will bring your life. 

Week 2 – Transformation

Recognise and shift stubborn limiting beliefs and internal blockers. Pave the way to love – get on the express lane. 

Week 3 – Healing

Clear the past of old heartbreak and family wounds and imprints. Create space within for a new relationship to enter and flourish.

Week 4 – Connection within

Re-connect with the woman within – finding your feminine in modern-day love. Explore the full range of her and embrace her power.

Week 5 – Empowered Love

Relationship and intimacy fundamentals – learn to receive, practice strong boundaries and stand on solid ground whilst sharing a life with someone.

Week 6 – Thrive

Radiate from within and magnetise those you desire by tapping into your own inner pleasure. Allow it to flow through you and infuse you with creative life force energy that is at once effortless and irresistible. 

Bonus – Sex Magic

Harness the power of the universe to call in blissful love

I’m ready to find the love that I want

Each week you’ll experience

A live coaching call + Q+A

Each week will open with a powerful 2 hour-long coaching session where you can get personalised feedback, followed by a Q+A.

Calls are weekly on Tuesdays at 7-9pm GMT

The group will be hand-selected by me and is by invitation and application only. It will be intimate – 8-10 women only – ensuring a personal and intimate experience.

Accountability Sister

Weekly peer-to-peer support for the entire 6 weeks through a 15 minute support call with another woman from the programme.

Sisterhood is about trust, a generous heart, and mutual support at all times.

Weekly practices

Guided meditations, journaling, ritual, anatomy lessons and an welcoming community spirit will prepare you body, mind and soul for a deep, intimate love that is in complete alignment with who you are and who you want to be – in relationship and individually.

Facebook Group

Private, 100% confidential Facebook Group with invited programme participants only.

Support from me. I’ll answer any questions you might have and offer general support over the course of the 6 weeks we are together. 


1 week after the program completes 

1:1 30 minute chat with Andrea to assess your progress + feedback on the programme

The Facebook Group will continue to be Live and you’ll have access to all course materials for as long as the course continues to run.

I’m ready to find the love that I want

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 23.38.56.png

Andrea has a very joyful, wise and strong way of expressing herself. I totally trust her to guide me, which is vital for me to meet my goals.

Dr. Samantha Wellappili, London

Medical + Holistic Doctor


Andrea created this really safe container where I could express things that I usually don’t talk about.

Kai Gregori, Luxembourg

Translator at European Commission