Success Stories


Ravi-Singh, UK

Being single for a very long time I wanted to move forward and know how I can help myself find someone. 

Having been on countless dates and meeting some very nice people I became confused and disillusioned with the whole process.  

Was I being too picky, was I putting my ideal kind of partner off in some way? 

I wanted to know how I could attract and recognise the kind of person I'm looking for. 

I would avoid meeting someone as I had a fear of saying no or hurting their feelings,  I was afraid of talking to girls who I did like but felt were out of my league.  I also realised I wasn’t clear on what kind of person I'd like in my life. 

Andrea helped to address all of that that and more. 

I can speak from my heart and communicate whatever I need to say compassionately and powerfully. 

I am now clear on the kind of person I want.

I am more open and relaxed and looking forward to more dates and meeting people being present with them. 

Andrea took me through some very powerful techniques through the 10 weeks I worked with her. Some of these were meditations, or conversations and practical steps to take.

We looked at my psychology, my beliefs and what I wanted to have.

She was always listening and in our conversations she noticed the smallest detail that was blocking me.

It was fun and I looked forward to each meeting as there would always be some exciting new processes and shifts to experience and some exciting news to share with one of my shifts from the previous week.

We looked at what manhood meant which allowed me to honour and step into my masculinity more. This had a profound effect on how I interact with every single person in a positive way.

I’ve also become more alive and excited about my business and career which has been a nice bonus. 

If you have been a single for a long time and want help from someone who listens and at the same time propels you to take action and get results then Andrea is the right coach.