Good guys to date are an endangered species, you say?

This is a post for all those women out there who feel like there’s no hope, because there are just NO GOOD MEN to date.

If you feel like you're rolling around in a state of frustration and sense of loss at a world devoid of good quality men available and date-able, then I ask you to try out this out.

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Step 1

Write down the names of 5 guys that you know that fit the qualifier of ‘good’. They don’t have to be datable.

Example: Your brother’s best friend. Or that nice guy from work. Or the coffee guy who makes your espresso every morning.

Step 2: Men are sooooooo…..yum!

Using the examples above, write down 5 things that you love about each of the men from Step 1

Example: Here’s my list: 1. Ability to focus  2. Determination 3. Strength 4. Calm presence in the midst of storm  5. Honorable 6. (I needed to add this extra I realized as it came to me as I was writing this…) Fire + sexiness (I love sex and I love that they do too). Flip the page if you need to.

Step 3: They’re alive. And out there.

Go out in the world and when you detect one of the ‘things I love about men’ from Day 2 in someone, write his name down. You can have more than one name for each day, but put down at least one. Do this for one full week. Notice what happens.


I’m going to give you some good solid tips for this one so you don’t freak out.

1. Manage yourself: You don’t have to marry this guy!

Or even like him, really. You’re just looking for what making him MAN and GOOD at the same time. We’re just warming you up here. want otherwise.

2. Probe: Look deeply.

How is he at least one of the things you love about men. Notice where his honour lies. How he might be determined. Or where he shows a great ability to focus. Take it up a level: For every one criticism you find in the person, find 2 more good things.

3. Love him just a little: he doesn’t need to know

Even just a tiny bit. Even just from afar. You don’t have to date him. Or even talk to him. Just love and honor that thing about him that makes him male and good...and maybe even a little bit sexy.

And that's it!! Let me know how it goes in the comments below! 

Read on if you want to know more about where the Good Guys have gone. 

How did this happen? Did an alien invasion come and scoop up all the good ones? Because you swear it was never this bad before.

Let me ask you something, does this sound familiar:

I’ve got nothing to wear.

I don’t have enough money.

There’s not enough jobs out there.

And the list rolls on…until it ends with…

There definitely are not enough good guys out there.

I used to live in a world like this.

It was full of fear.

Fear of not being enough.

Fear of never getting enough.

Fear of succeeding.

Fear of losing what I might actually get.

But as time went on, here’s what happened:

I’ve got nothing to wear. 

I’d dig deep find that cute sparkley number I’d forgotten about and look smashing in.

There’s not enough jobs.

The job I dreaded taking was the one where I made the most good long-term friendships.

There’s not enough money.

I got what I needed to cover me and then worked on getting to the next level. Consciously.

And now for the big one…

There are not enough good guys out there.

I learned more about myself, about what was really going on underneath it all and loved myself for it, I could do the same with men. And gradually my world filled with good guys...One of whom became my boyfriend. And he’s looooovely.

As the blinders of fear came down, the world was now full of options.

And I learned to control the gate of my heart so that it opened (and closed) upon my command.

In celebration of the spirit of good men (who happen to love challenges, I wish you the best of luck.

In the meantime, to get you started, list at least one stellar quality you love about men, the good ones, in the comments below. 

Let them know you love them.