Hello there!

I’m a sex, love and relationships coach with world-class certification in a unique form of results-driven coaching that encompasses modern psychology, cutting-edge neuroscience, and ancient yogic philosophy and practice.

My journey

I’d been single for well over a decade when I decided enough was enough. I threw away all of the self-help books that never helped, took a break from speed dating, blind dating and not dating. I stopped listening to the ‘one day when you’re not looking’ and the ‘when you least expect it’ of others.

I discovered new ways of thinking about love and sex. This, together with practical practices and exercises from worlds as diverse as modern psychology, neuroscience and ancient tantric tradition began to shift things for me.

And FINALLY, I met love. Yep, I did it!

Now it is my passion and immense pleasure to help others achieve the same.



Together we'll go on a journey into you.

I can't wait.

My life before coaching

I worked as an award-winning digital strategist and designer in the corporate world for more than 20 years. Experience spanned industries and the globe.

I know what it takes to be successful in the business world.

And I now know what it takes to be fulfilled outside of the boardroom as well.

Both require high levels of commitment, determination and a willingness to take risks. If you want an extraordinary life, if you want extraordinary love, then you will make it happen. It is possible.

My credentials

Formal Studies

  • World-class level Coaching Certificate Program with internationally renown sex and love expert Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (600 hours) 

    • Specialisation in Women's Sexuality and the Jade Egg

    • Specialisation in Male Sexuality

  • Triad TeamUp Mindfulness Coaching participant with the Asian Leadership Institute

  • Mindfulness studies at Oxford University

Wisdom Traditions

  • Certified yoga instructor (300 hour) with the School of Sacred Arts, Bali and Peru

  • Over 6 years of intensive studies in tantra and yogic philosophy with various institutions

  • Reiki master and trained in shamanic practice

Life Experience

I’ve been guiding corporate leaders and professionals in Fortune 100s for over 20 years.

This includes mentoring young entrepreneurs for international organisations and institutions in Europe, Asia the United States and Africa. I’ve spoken at international forums at the United Nations and lead workshops at renown universities such as the University of Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech Morocco and the University of Bristol, UK. 

All of my life's work feeds and informs what I do today.