I’ll help you unlock your potential for deep, healthy partnership so you get the love that you crave.

You are powerful and successful. You know you’ve got drive, ambition, determination and discipline. And you’ve got imagination, creativity and the capacity to make it happen. 

You have an innate ability to draw in a partner that is perfect for you and expand deep into exceptional love.

This is true even if you don’t believe it yourself…yet.

Even if you’ve been single for what feels like forever.

Or feel like you’ve repeated the same mistakes over and over again.



Dating + Relationships

Challenges include dating confidence, beginning and maintaining an intimate relationship, repeating the same problems again and again, healing from past heartbreak, dating after a long period of being single, communication breakdown, continual conflict, trust issues

Intimacy + Sexuality

Issues can be not feeling attractive or sexy in your body, not being able to experience pleasure during sex, feeling extreme shyness or shame in sex, feeling limited in your sexual expression, desiring more and deeper connection in sex

Confidence + Empowerment

This may show up as not feeling attractive to those you are interested in, wanting to love and accept yourself more easily, speaking up for yourself and knowing and respecting your boundaries whether you are single, in early stages of relationship or in a long-term partnership

I’ve been there

I flew high in my career as a digital strategist, working with blue chip clients across the globe on award-winning projects. I lead teams. I inspired change. This all felt easy (and believe me, it wasn’t), compared with the challenges I felt in love. 

I was single for 15 years STRAIGHT. You heard me, 15 YEARS. Straight. Ugh, it was awful. I hated it. 

And I was hell-bent on cracking it.

Whatever it was that was holding me back, if it took me the rest of this lifetime, I was going to work it out. 

And then slowly, over time, I began to shift things. 

And then I found love.

And created a partnership that is exceptional. And perfect (for me). 

I'll teach you everything I learned and we'll watch together as love flows into your life. 


Please keep me posted on new content, upcoming courses + live workshops.

Just send the gift.


As you master the mind, body and soul tools I've mined from modern psychology, neuroscience and ancient yogic tradition you'll ignite your own inner fire and draw in beautiful love


the results

Clarity + Vision

We get crystal clear on exactly the type of life that you want to experience, in partnership, in your sexuality, in love. This new blueprint and the action plan we create together allows you to get precisely what you want in life. You know what that looks like and how to get there.

Empowerment + Confidence

You feel empowered to move towards your goals, whether the be feeling more confident in dating and in relationships, to express yourself fully in your sexuality, or allow for true intimacy.

You feel this confidence come within, not just as a thought but as a truth in your body – an immovable force. You recognise the source of this power, where it comes from within you and how to access it when you need.

Emotional literacy + Communication

You learn to read the deep wisdom of your body and connect to your emotions in a new way so that you feel more calm, confident and in control of your life….and in conversation.

You understand the underlying needs behind the emotional experience and learn how to give yourself what you need – or ask for it – so that you feel heard and listened to. And can listen powerfully in return. You’ll learn some practical techniques for having difficult conversations easily.

Deep healing + Conflict Resolution

You experience clarity and understanding from the experiences of the past, you leave behind whatever no longer serves you and move forward with a new perspective that supports you in where you are going – alone or with your partner.

You create a very loving relationship with yourself (not just saying it but really feeling it) by restoring yourself to wholeness. You learn to create a loving relationship with another so your relationship feels whole and complete.

You experience this on all levels of your being: body, mind and soul.

Mastery of your body + sexuality

You release shame, guilt and fear and create new ways to experience sexual pleasure to your fullest potential. You have heart-based, connected sex with another that nourishes you and excites you. You feel safe your body and in your sexual experiences and are deeply connected to your sexuality.

You feel mastery over your body and know what it takes for you to experience the fullness of pleasure – with yourself and with another. You know how to elicit pleasure and how to receive it.

And you finally feel that you're showing up in the world at your most brilliant, your fullest and you are living at your greatest capacity. And there is no better feeling than that.

Especially for a high-achiever like you.  

What it's like to work with me


Jane Sagalovich, Entreprenuer, US

I just had my first session with Andrea and WOW - we just went deeper into my relationship blocks (not just identifying, but actually starting to heal them) in one hour than I've ever experienced over the span of multiple sessions.

Her approach is multi-faceted and is incredibly powerful. Work with Andrea if you're looking to create the relationship of your dreams!


Nkechi Oba, UK

I’d been in a long term relationship with my sons’ father and couldn't do the deed despite 20 years together and 2 sons.

It took that time we spent together to make a commitment that I hadn’t been able to make before.

Nkechi + Brian are now finally – and happily – married.


Ravi Singh, UK

I was single for a very long time and I wanted to move forward and find someone. I went on countless dates and although I met some very nice people, I became confused and disillusioned with the whole process.

Andrea helped to address all of that and more.

Now I can speak from my heart and communicate whatever I need to say compassionately and powerfully.

I am clear on the kind of person I want.

I am more open and relaxed and looking forward to more dates and meeting people and being present with them.

Tim Frame

Timothy Frame, US

Freeing realizations surface innately as Andrea’s facilitation unearths and harvests individual, inner wisdom and guidance.

Persistent blocks included early-learned gender and sexual shame; social anxiety and self-doubt; vulnerable self-image/-worth; and weak sovereign identity.

I know more clearly than ever today that my greatest authenticity is itself my greatest gift..


Alexandra Neville, Finance, UK

The work we’ve done together has freed me from the emotional prison I’d somehow locked myself in – you helped me find the key to open the door and the courage to step through it!

I don’t just feel back to my old self, I feel I am a better, stronger version of me. My confidence is back, I know I am more than enough and I ooze femininity.


Sven Selle, Chef, UK

What a ride.

I went into this, working a challenging full time job with all that daily life has to throw at a person – I also went in dedicated.

Each session has been a profound inner journey. I have felt much shift since I began working with Andrea.

How I communicate with the world has changed: I express myself more freely, without attachment, no longer holding in what so desperately wants to be expressed.

Bryan Tarr

Bryan Tarr, Tech Entrepreneur, USA

I made time for everyone's happiness except my own. Had dormant hidden desires, dreams and passion. Struggled for many years to find some kind of harmony. It takes someone amazing who is able to help you give yourself permission to deserve a great passionate relationship. I now get so excited that an intimate and fun relationship is waiting for me.


Demi + Jurie, South Africa

We wanted better and clearer communication in high stress situations. Andrea was so gentle & kind, and we instantly connected with her from the first session. The tools we learned have already helped in such a big way. Thanks again for everything.


Lauree Ostrofsky, Entrepreneur, NY

I wanted a loving, sweet romantic relationship, and I knew it needed to start with how I treated myself.

Andrea got that and it's what we worked on together. Assignments were fun. The exercises she led were profound and stayed with me for weeks after. As a result, I feel more grounded now. I like myself better, and I have tools to shift my energy, send out love and receive it more fully from myself.


Freya Zaiwalla, Artist, London

I wanted both clarity and support on the direction my life was heading. I also wanted to attract in more exciting people and situations to my life.

Through working with Andrea I realised I had been holding myself back through negative and limiting ideas of myself and of others – my long held ideas of what a man should be rather than what was right for me.

I am now well on the way to achieving what I set out to achieve, and with a new man! I would thoroughly recommend working with Andrea if you have ambitions to live your best life.


Lisa + Lindsay, South Africa

Andrea helped us develop the communication skills that we need to not only work through things together – but also foster deep connection and love that was somehow getting lost in all the chaos of life.

We’d gone to therapy but working with Andrea was much faster and way more effective. We’re appreciative of the incredible support Andrea has given us.

Samantha-Wellappili, MD

Dr. Samantha Wellappili, London

Andrea has a very joyful, wise and strong way of expressing herself. I totally trust her to guide me, which is vital for me to meet my goals.

Feeling worthy of love and a harmonious relationship is a feeling I flit in and out of, however, we worked with this and it has been very beneficial in moving me forward.


Nicki Brown - Diplomat, London

Andrea helped me work through my thoughts and feelings with incredible enthusiasm, honesty and skill. She was open and insightful, and together we explored how I could give my new relationship the best possible chance for success.

If you want to move forward in your personal relationships Andrea will bring just the sprinkle of magic you need.


Laura Lommers, Belgium

I loved coaching sessions because of Andrea's deep wisdom, loving presence, focussed attention and uplifting humor.

Andrea has guided me through processes that led me to see things about myself that I wasn't even aware of and this insight has helped me enormously to move towards achieving my goals.


Kai Gregori, European Commission Translator,


Andrea created this really safe container where I could express things that I usually don’t talk about.

It was really important and I’m really thankful for that.


Anonymous man, London

I had massive trust issues when meeting new women. I have been hurt many times, this stopped me getting involved romantic or intimately.

By working with Andrea, I found that I still never had closure on events that happened to me up to 17 years ago. I worked through it and got the closure I needed to move forward.

Coaching with Andrea has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams of being in a loving relationship with a woman again.