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Expanded Orgasms Workshops - Killing Kittens 15 Jan 2020, Scarlet Ladies 12 May 2020

Workshops: Expanded Orgasm (women)

Explore the vastness of your orgasmic range – your erotic potential is much greater than you can imagine.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you’ll learn how to awaken and explore the infinite flavours of pleasure that lie within your body. From wild to sensual, from kinky to romantic you’ll ignite parts of you that are aching to come alive.



Speaker: Scarlet Ladies

30 July 2019, Tues - Central London

How I Learnt to get Intimate with myself

I talk about how I cracked the code: After 15 years of being single, I finally created an extraordinary relationship that lights me on fire. Now I help other women do the same. Love is a lot closer than you think.


Kurious Talkk: How To Do Dating

Hosted by Killing Kittens

April 2019

Have we lost the art of the 'offline approach’ and has the swipe right culture that we now live in had an impact on the way we look at dating? Dating today is a mess of too many swipes, bad online manners and too few good dates. Dating can be thrilling and overwhelming - the risk of going for the wrong person, no chemistry or even too much.


Feb 2019

guest speaker @HomeHouse private club

Some say that the sexiest part of the human body is what lies between your ears. And whilst this is true to a large degree, it’s only part of the picture. 

Recent understanding of the neuroscience behind all of this allows us to access our pleasure in whole new ways. 

You’ll learn: 

  • To train your mind and body to seamlessly work together so that you experience powerful, connected and loving sex with another

  • The neuroscience behind different types of orgasmic pleasure

  • How to access these different flavours of orgasm by shifting your mindset

  • Simple techniques to reprogram your mind and body to receive and to give maximum pleasure in whole new ways


Be Seen | Be loved

To be ‘seen’ means to feel that you have been heard, listened to, and deeply understood.

What if the secret to feeling seen more lies not in other people’s ability to see us, but in our ability to let ourselves be seen and to see ourselves?

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seduction - learn the art

Whether you feel it or not, there’s a seductress within you. She may not look like any of the ideas you have in your mind about what a seductress looks like, but she’s there and she wants OUT. I’m sure of it.

Unleash your own unique version of irresistible – you know you want to.