Healthy Pleasure – A Wellbeing Essential

Dominique Karetsos, a fire starter in the world of healthy pleasure and sex tech, shares her own journey of opening herself up to her body, reconnecting with her pleasure and igniting her passion.

It changed her life so significantly that she’s now made it her life’s work to help others do the same. 

You’ll learn some simple ways to come back to yourself and feel pretty damn sexy – even if you haven’t felt that way for ages…or ever.

Dom has been heard on BBC Radio and Women’s Health, Bustle and Playboy magazine amongst others. She’s a co-founder of the Healthy Pleasure Collective and has dedicated her life to educating women + men both on expanding their experience of pleasure.

Here are some of the Resources Dom recommends:

Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life - by Emily Nagoski

Becoming Cliterate
Why Orgasm Equality Matters--And How to Get It
by Laurie Mintz

🔥 Tools / toys:
Gender neutral -
For men: