The Secret Lives of Men

I’ve begun to speak with, walk with and talk with more and more men through my work.
I’m here not to speak on their behalf – I’d not be able to do that accurately.
I’m here to communicate what I have felt and heard through these conversations and heart-to-hearts with some magnificent men. 👱‍♂🧔🏿👨🏻

Because the hearts of men are truly magnificent. ❤⚡💪🏼

And it’s their deepest desire to share their hearts with you. And love you from that depths of that most sacred of places.

And in order to do that and, for both them and for you thrive from this incredible gift of giving, you’re gonna need to be ready.

You’re going to have to let go of the expectation that a man is and always should be superhuman. Sometimes he is godlike and heroic beyond belief. 💪🏼
And other times he’s gloriously human. He experiences the full range of human emotion from rage to love to fear to courage to wisdom to longing to power to loneliness. 😐

And the bravest of men will show you all of this. 🎁🎁🎁

Because in this openness he’s taking the biggest risk of all – dismounting from the white horse to meet you at a heart level. 👸🏾🤴🏼

And when he dismounts from that horse, he all of a sudden becomes someone who can get hurt and falter. Who feels pain and doesn’t know quite what to do with it.
I know you. You are an incredible woman. You are learning to own your stuff. To do the work.
And in order to do that successfully it’s been necessary to be seen not as always perfect or right or having her shit together, but also in those moments where the cracks show. 😔

And so knowing what it takes to be powerful and fully loved and accepted exactly as you are, are you ready to do this for a man?

Because if what you long for is to be seen and loved for exactly who you are in all of you, I can confirm that men want precisely the same thing.