How to seduce like the French

I want to seduce like the French 🇫🇷 ❤

I want to become a masterful seductress. Powerful. Sensual. 

I want to…

“Wait!! Andrea are you telling me that you ...YOU ... want to seduce people? But I thought you were a woman of integrity?!!?’ 🤨🤔

I can hear you interrupt me {{ subscriber.Name }}, and protest my proclamation. 

“But seduction is a bad thing!! The kind of thing that draw us … lures us unwillingly into something dangerous. And then we’re caught and burned, like a moth to flame,” you say.

Well, thank the gods and goddesses for the French is my reply. 

Because to the French seduction is about expressing your inner essence as a woman. Not to manipulate or deceive, but to LIGHT THE WORLD ON FIRE…and draw in love so you can live the life of your dreams. 🔥

It's linked to a woman’s sensuality (also not a bad thing according to the French) and to her joy of life and living, her 'joie de vivre' as they say. 

In our culture we don’t often feel free to express ourselves fully as sensual beings. Women who are ‘too’ sensual, who express ardent sexual desire, who love sex are often shamed and labeled loose or easy or amoral.

And we view seduction too, in a negative light. The dictionary spells out seduction as:

taking away someone's innocence

debauching, corruption

dishonouring, ruin


Well, I’d not want to seduce or be seductive either if it meant I was coming from a place of need or greed and was ‘out to get’ something from someone. 

So I want to seduce like the French. 

I want to express my own inner confidence, to come more and more into my power as a woman. 


And so I’ve decided to partner with a very seductive French woman (who also happens to be a hugely talented luxury jewelry designer+maker), Victoria von Stein to help bring out of us all that it is to be a woman: radiance, elegance, flow, joy, intelligence, charm, playfulness, lightheartedness, beauty, intensity, passion, love...and so much more.

Victoria von Stein speaks about how the French view seduction. 

How it's not forced or fake. 

How a seductive woman, 'une femme seduisante', is a very positive thing.  

Because you see, the beauty of seduction as we know it is that it brings the world alive. 

It’s fun and playful. It’s joyful. 

And the one seduced feels desired, loved and alive….as he enters into your beautiful world.