How to burn thru resistance + get the love you want

In this video you’ll learn 5 ways to burn through resistance in 2019 with fiery courageous love. 🔥

We have an intense desire for something – strong love, a lasting relationship, more connection + pleasure in sex.

It may be the thing that we want most in the world.

We may even have done some hard work on targeting what it is that is holding us back.


And (if you have a good coach - hehe!!) you’ve even outlined some simple things you can do to get you where you want to go.

But then all of a sudden you feel too tired to do them. You start to question whether it’s going to work. You procrastinate or feel bored with it all or annoyed that you’ve go to do this when for everyone else it came so easily.


And so you RESIST.

Our minds are weird – how all of a sudden do we feel annoyed + bored with getting what we really want so badly?!!


Because change is a funny thing. It can feel scary and weird and in general our bodies and minds don’t like it.


Even if change means that we’re going to get something that we’ve wanted maybe even our entire lives.


And so I’m dedicating the first part of my 2019 on burning through my OWN resistance.

Because without doing so, nothing else on my list for 2019 will happen!

And whilst I may have started my process off with jumping off a cliff, working through resistance can be much less dramatic and just as effective.

Unless of course you too would like to go for drama. ; )