Defy rejection + date with confidence

Rejection is a big one.


I wrote a post on it here and in a few other groups and heard lots from you about it so I decided to speak on how to not only manage rejection, but also how to learn from it.

Whether you’ve been dating for a while or if you’re jumping in the sea after some time on dry land, you’re likely to have come across it in one form or another.

And probably are doing your best to avoid it. Who wouldn’t? It hurts! 🤕

Thing is, that by trying to avoid it I’ll bet that you’re talking your way out of what might be opportunities to know some pretty fantastic people.

Learn how to take the sting out of rejection so that it no longer becomes a ‘thing’.


Dating will feel easier.

And you’ll feel more free to meet people that you’d like to know better.


The gift of rejection:

The more we can love + accept the parts of us we ‘reject’ within ourselves, the stronger and more confident that we’ll become. Here’s how it works.

Deciphering rejection:

  1. Feel the feels fully in your body. Allow the tough emotions to flow through you. Create space by breathing into the tightest places, moving + sounding out the sensations + emotions.

  2. Ask yourself, what part of me can I love more? You can find this answer by recalling the negative thoughts that went through your head when you were rejected. Something like…’he probably thought I was too…’ or ‘she didn’t think I was (fill in the blank) enough.” That part of you that you guess might be too much or too little is exactly the part of you that needs acceptance + to be appreciated and loved by you.

  3. Let go of the story. Let go of whatever you think it might all mean...about the other person...about you.

  4. And love yourself EVEN MORE.