Solo Tantra 101 - Polarity: Get the sparks flying

My first 3 years of learning tantra were when I was single.

I practiced tantra on my own.

I share with you a basic tantric principle πŸ’₯ that of polarity πŸ’₯ 

Or the push pull of life.

The magnetism that draws you to another person for instance.

Steps to increasing + practicing Polarity:

  1. Decide if you want to be in the Go or Flow state

  2. Transition fully into Go or Flow (most people are in Go - I give tips on getting into Flow)

  3. Practice being in the state you choose. Partnered dance is a great way to practice.

The Go state is one where you are focused, have a sense of direction and movement and at the same time be present enough to feel into where the person in Flow is and respond.

Those in Flow states dance and move around the Go state person. There is power in the flow state as one cannot exist without the other. And people in Flow must listen into the Go state person so that they can receive the signals from them. The state is one of receptivity and relax.

Tantra is a vast philosophy and as rich as the ancient tradition from which it stems.


Practicing on your own will help you to:

- to draw in love

- feel more sexy and alive

- awaken your body to pleasure

- become a master lover so you can share this with another

You could spend a lifetime studying it and only ever scratch the surface.

I recommend starting now.