Anatomy of Arousal Part III: The G-Spot

The G-spot and squirting go hand-in-hand. And like much of female sexuality have been shrouded in doubt and darkness for too long. 

So I created this video to not only clear up where the G-spot is, but also shed light on WHAT exactly it is. 

AND how when stimulated properly, it's equipped with a very special function: squirting! 💦

If you are asking yourself what squiring is, the you are not alone. According to Deborah Sundahl, the queen of the G-spot and female ejaculation (a.k.a. squirting), 60% of women suppress or deny themselves the pleasure of this beautiful bodily function because...they mistake it for having to pee during sex! 😱

By stopping yourself from squirting, you are often stopping yourself from experiencing your full pleasure, as you are in fact, blocking yourself from going over into orgasm.

I know that you are probably like me – you like to know you live your life to the fullest potential. And that should include your experience of pleasure in your body.

I’ve heard that ‘gushing orgasms’ are exceptional for many women (I'm currently working on teaching myself to squirt), and I’d like to know if the same is true for me. 

Watch this vid to learn the ins and outs of your G-spot and what squirting is. I also give some tips on who to go to to learn from the best about this beautiful part of our pleasure.