Anatomy of Arousal Part IV: The A-spot & the Anus (yep, you're bum)

A is for…2 parts of your body specially equipped for pleasure

Both of these areas of your anatomy are lesser known than the ones we’ve spoken about thus far, the clitoris and G-spot.

Yet I'm telling you, they are both very very special. 

One of these areas lies very deep inside of your vagina and when a woman orgasms from here (and I speak from experience), it is profound, deeply emotional and takes you to another dimension entirely – there are almost no words for it. 🌺

The other area of your body I speak about holds the second highest concentration of nerve endings found in your body making it very sensitive to the touch – and potentially very pleasurable. The only problem is that our society and culture have made it entirely taboo to explore this place – for men and women both. 

This is such a shame, as by doing so we remove from ourselves access to pleasure that is unique from other flavours of it. 

I’ll challenge you to begin to explore this part of your beautiful body. Or to at least begin to consider it in a different light. 🧐 😊