How the jade egg helped one woman find love

"All relationships are a mirror of the one we have with ourselves, and by upgrading our inner landscape we upgrade the outer landscape."

This wisdom comes from Marilu Snyders, a Self-Love & Jade Egg Coach and founder of Fire Maya based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Marilu lives this truth and it’s reflected in her own journey from perpetual singledom to beautiful love with the support of some good coaching and a healthy and a simple, easy jade egg practice. 🌈

It wasn’t such an easy start though. Marilu’s jade egg lay unexplored on her bedside table for about 3 months (I think my first egg collected dust for a similar amount of time). 

It seems that many women who actually own a jade never actually use it. Some (like me) are too afraid to get the thing inside of them. 

Others of us are so accustomed are some of us to vibrating toys that sing and dance, this little stone seems to go unnoticed when it finally makes its way inside of our bodies.

We wait...and...feel nothing. NOTHING! 🤨

Marliu talks us through how she was able to work past the disappointment of her initial experience with the egg to go on to develop a practice that transformed her life in so many incredible ways. 

She teaches you her secret formula for setting up your own personal jade egg practice so that you too can bring some radical change to your life. 🦋