Pleasure: the best thing to do for your health

“Consider a discipline of pleasure to be an investment in your health. A joyful heart and a body that experiences pleasure and nurturing are your most reliable health insurance.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup, Goddesses Never Age, The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Wellbeing

I love this book by physician Dr. Christiane Northrup. You might have read her other best-seller and classic, “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”. Somehow I skipped that one and came right to “Goddesses Never Age”. ✨

And I’m glad I did. (Though I do plan on reading “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” too.)

Dr. Northrup writes about the scientific evidence that supports what I’ve learned through experience to be true: that healing happens through experiencing pleasure in your body on a regular basis.

This is what I find most interesting about this phrase in the quote above, 'Discipline of pleasure'. We're very good about being discipled at work, with family responsibilities, paying the bills. 

I'm asking you to begin to bring some of the spirit of discipline, making something a priority and dedicating yourself to it, to the pleasure you experience in your life. It will change your body, your mind and your soul. 

And whilst pleasure doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual for you to feel the benefits, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful ways to experience blissful states of being – and as a result, fantastic health.


What you'll learn

In this video, I introduce you to a super sensual and oh so delicious tantric ritual that will get you right to the epicentre of pleasure: your body.

Sexual pleasure is an experience of all of the senses which are accessed through our body. The more you can drop into your body in sex whether solo or in company, the more pleasure you will experience.

And the more pleasure you experience, the healthier you will be.