Re-wild yourself and experience your fullest potential for pleasure

NOTE: In my excitement, I mistakenly introduced Veda as a psychoanalyst. She's not! She's a psychoTHERAPIST. Very different. 

I met Veda few years back on our Coaching Certification program with Layla Martin. I remember the fire, the light, the aliveness in this woman – and her incredible capacity to take other women on a journey from shut down to wide awake, vibrant and sparkling. ✨

She’s been doing this for years, and as I only work with the best, I felt she’d be an excellent guest to help teach you how to come alive and, in her own words, ‘Rewild yourself’.

Rewilding is finding your way back to your unique, authentic sexuality that exists beneath the stuff that keeps us from experiencing it.

The conditioning (familial, societal), stress, and trauma (sexual or otherwise) can show up as numbness, disconnection from the body, lack of desire, or inability to experience pleasure or orgasm.

Veda shares with us her own story from feeling shutdown to sensationally sexy.

And she teaches you 3 practical, easy and simple ways for you to get there. 🦋

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