How to keep a man worth keeping

How to keep a man worth keeping…

Guys worth keeping are special. They are powerful creatures. And yes, also can feel like a rare breed.

So when you find one that makes you feel so good to have him around, you want to keep him in your life.

Because he’s good for you. And you are good for him.

I love the way that a man holds me in his arms and teases me when I need to laugh and how he smells like deliciousness.

And I love that a man worth keeping

Supports a woman in her mission in life, whether that be in her career or in raising kids, and he stands by her

This empowers him

He feels in integrity supporting someone he believes in

And it empowers her

She benefits from the additional support of having someone stand alongside her

She remains desirable

She doesn’t actually need him (which feels like pulling)

She chooses him (which feels like desire)

And this is great.

I’ve been here.

And I’ve slid into the other side of this which is not so nice...AND have spoken to many other women who’ve also slipped down this slide too

And the results are the same

A man worth keeping, loses his interest when...

He feels like he has to hold you up

This takes away from his own ability to focus on his own sense of direction and purpose and he risks losing himself in your story

He feels like your happiness depends on him

Your happiness is actually not in his control - he feels helpless

And you actually lose out too

When you lean on someone too much you

Start to wonder if you actually are capable of making it happen. If you are enough. If you are even worth it.

And you feel less powerful.

And more dependent.

Yep, I said it. The evil word...dependent.

Because that is what happens.

Here’s how to keep yourself (and your guy) alive with desire for one another even as you bask in their support

  • Recognize what is happening

  • Own up to it

  • Make some hard decisions

  • Communicate what is going on to the other person (if appropriate)

  • Re-centre yourself - stand in your own power / light and move forward