Dating is not a numbers game - How to turn the odds in your favour

Dating is not a numbers game. ➕➖➗

I know. 

I went on hundreds of dates and swiped thousands of profiles for 8 straight years. 

Countless hours were spent crafting my online profile. 


It only mattered so much.

I finally felt like I was taking control over finding a relationship when I really owned it. 

And the IT here was me.

I owned how I showed up in the world. 

I owned the incredible things about me.

I owned my own amazingness. 


I reflected it accurately and openly – online + off

In this video I share practical (and not so practical) tips on 

-Knowing it + Owning it

-Reflecting that in your online profile 

-Reflecting it in the real world

-Allowing in that which you put out (love...yum)