Forgiveness 360•  Rant + rave to truly forgive

I help people create new love in their lives that is healthier + happier than they’ve ever had in the past.

It’s not magic that I perform, though some have said it feels like that. 🧙‍♀✨🔮

I simply help people to see what keeps them from new love happening.

And we clear it. 🌬

And I set them up for what they came to me for: deep connection and true partnership, trust, support and understanding in love + intimacy.

Because there’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in the arms of someone whom you truly trust, of knowing the deliciousness of their scent and inhaling it deeply into your body, of not only having someone on your side, but creating a life together that is so much more than what life looks like alone.

It’s often a unique combination of things that keeps one from this kind of crazy, sexy, out-of-this world kind of love.

But there are also patterns that I see over and over again that block people.
And one of these is hanging onto ‘dirty laundry’. 🧺

‘Dirty laundry’ is simply old love (or what looked like love) hanging around that needs processing.

It no longer is fit for purpose. It no longer serves.

It needs to be cleaned and cleared, so that whatever new thing that wants to come in can.

And enter into an environment that has plenty of space, light and fresh air.  

So that it can grow deep roots + expand and grow and thrive. 🌱🌿🌳

And be its own thing. Something completely new. 💓

One of the ways to clean + clear is to develop a strong practice of what I call, Forgiveness 360

Forgiveness 360•

 A Step-By-Step Process to rant + rave and truly forgive

1) CLEAR - Grab a pillow. Imagine the person you want to forgive sitting across from you. Let it out!! Shout, scream, *&£$&*. Let whatever you feel, anger, frustration out! This is YOUR TIME! Set a timer for 5-10 mins so you don’t get lost in it all.

2) HEAL – Sit with yourself and observe how your body feels (you might find some space) and notice what emotions rise and fall. Then, fill yourself with good vibes. Imagine love energy or sunlight energy filling into your body.

3) SHIFT – Recall the situation from this new vantage point and try to understand how you might do things differently next time so the same situation does not occur. Maybe it’s setting new boundaries within yourself or saying ‘No’ more. Own your experience.