Are relationships (the long-lasting, hot and sexy kind) really worth it? Part 1

Part 1 of a 3 part series: Relationships, why bother?

Do you ever wonder if relationships are really even worth it?

Society and culture give us mixed messages and biology (hubba hubba) sometimes tells us something else altogether. How are we supposed to know what it is that we really, truly want at the end of the day?

In this video we discover what is really going on with you by helping you to:

• understanding the confusion around wanting a relationship or not

• defining what it is you really truly do want and why exactly

• then taking some steps towards getting it


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I myself have been conflicted over the years.

Culture says: It’s good to be independent, me first! Who needs a relationship to be fulfilled?


Society says: The facts: 70% of Americans describe themselves as being in a ‘committed relationship..umm…that’s a majority.

So why are they doing it? Watch the vide for more insights.

I myself realized that my indecision around relationships was cover-up for what was lying at very deep levels: a desire for a super special, super exceptional person that I could explode my life experience with exponentially.

It just seemed like too much to ask for. And it wasn’t coming. So better to just keep on with the…well, who really needs it. After all, I wasn’t doing so badly on my own.

Only thing was I really, really wanted to learn and grow in a way you can only if you are in an intimate, loving, relationship over time – however long that may be.

And at last, I got it.

So now I get to work on all the challenges that relationships carry. Bring it on! Is what I say.