Are relationships (the long-lasting, hot and sexy kind) really worth it? Part 2

How to choose the right person for long-term hot, sexy, beautiful love.

Let me ask you this: do you trust yourself to choose the right partner in love? 💝

Or are you confused by the options? 

Does your body tells you one thing (hubba hubba). 🤪 And your mind another (stay far away from this one, bad news!!)? 🤨 Or vice versa. 

This is totally normal. And also frustrating and downright confusing! 

So many women that I speak with feel like they’ve chosen poorly in the past and now lack the confidence to move forward with (or step away from) guys that they are dating. 

In this video we explore together:

⭐ How to know who and what is good for you

⭐ How to sift through the sand to find the gold nugget you might be missing

⭐ How to get your support crew in place to help you play in this game of love

We’ll talk about biology, our brains, why we’re attracted to the ‘wrong’ people, and how to move beyond it towards a relationship with someone that feels hot and sizzly and that is built to last over time.

✨Move beyond biology and instinct by embracing both and adding a bit of consciousness to the mix. ✨

💝The building blocks of a good strong relationship begin in dating. And knowing how to ‘date well’ is critical to finding the love you want.