The real secret to absolute confidence in dating (and life)


Yup, That's the secret. And I'm going to stand behind this bold statement because it's so true.

You can only be confident in your sexiness – truly confident – if you know your body inside and out. 

Sometimes this means understanding your anatomy better so you feel less 'in the dark' about what's going on in there. 

Sometimes it means knowing what turns you on. What gets you pumping the break. And what causes you to slam down so hard on that thing that the whole entire beautiful machine that is your body and your voyage to pleasure comes to a screeching halt. 

And sometimes it means learning to feel safe in our own bodies.

Imagine that you trusted your body completely, that you knew exactly what she wanted and needed at any time, and that you felt safe in your own sexiness. I'm talking about YOU being in charge here, no one else. 

Would that make you feel confident in dating? Hell yes! 

Would that make you feel confident in bed? That's another hell yes!! (Even got 2 exclams)

Developing a self-pleasure practice is key. And by practice I mean just that:

  • Something that you do regularly so you get good at it 
  • Something that you PRACTICE at. That means sometimes falling down, sometimes not having it be what you thought it was, sometimes not knowing what the hell you are doing. 
  • Because you are learning

In this video I give some basic steps into getting started with self-pleasure. 

If you don't know where to begin, start here. 

So much love to you!