4 ways to bring yourself from shut-down to turned-on

If you are reading this, you’ve most likely grown up in the pre-Moana age, where dashing men on snow-coloured horses woke us from long slumbers or saved us from burning towers to whisk us away to...the distance. 

Sex isn’t really a topic bridged in our Disney-fantasy land so we don’t really know what ‘should’ go on after this other than the understanding that birds and bees have something to do with it. That we’re sure of. 🐝

Hollywood picks up the plot where Disney leaves off. It paints another picture full of explosive OOOOooo yes!! orgasms after only seconds of frantic foreplay, if any. This is yet another myth in perpetual creation of a certain flavor of sex that is only a mere sliver of what the experience of lovemaking can be. 

The residue of these stories are alive and kicking deep in our psyches. And so when love and lovemaking doesn’t happen this way (and it almost always doesn't), then what? 

I invited Laura Lommers as a guest on this FB Live, as I felt that her story would help you to understand that even if you find the ‘perfect man’, your ‘prince charming’ of sorts, he is not necessarily responsible for the pleasure you will feel in sex, no matter how good of a lover he is. 👑

Nor is he entirely responsible for how you experience sex and whether you Ooooo yes! or not.  

But….but… I know…..How is this possible, you ask?

When Laura met her ‘Prince Charming’, the man she would marry, the love of her life, her body shut down. Her experience of pleasure shut down. Her desire for making love dropped to zero.

It made no sense.

When she realised why this was happening, she would go on to have a beautiful relationship and vibrant (if not perfect) sex life with her gorgeous husband. 🌷

I’ve asked Laura to share her story with you and the ways in which is re-ignited pleasure in her own body. She now teaches this to her clients as a Sensual Pleasure Coach, so it's a chance to hear from a pro who's been there.

This is how you can own your sexiness and experience pleasure whether you are single or dating or married. 

And how you absolutely do not need to rely on another person to get you there.