The jade egg demystified - an ancient sex tool goes mainstream

It took me months and months before I had the courage to use the jade egg for the first time. You see, I was never really that comfortable with putting tampons in, so how the hell was I going to get this little egg-shaped stone into my body?

No one in my family was comfortable with the word ‘sex’, never mind having a whole discussion about it. So putting ANYTHING in our bodies, even a tampon, always felt shameful and wrong.

Sound familiar?

I was determined however, to get over this. It was blocking me from really experiencing my fullest potential in sex and love and I knew it. My phobia of self-pleasure and touching myself sexually had to go if I wanted maximum confidence in myself. And I knew that the jade egg was a way to get there. 

The first step, I learned, in getting me to feel more comfortable about all of this was learning exactly what the jade egg was, where it came from, where it would land inside of my body and what precisely it would do for me once it was there.

In this video, I talk about the benefits of a jade egg practice. And how it’s been used for thousands of years to help women (and how it can now help you) to:

  • amplify your pleasure in sex
  • increase your orgasmic potential 
  • and bring you back to wholeness
  • feel more alive
  • awaken your sexiness

And I cover some of the basics like:


What is a jade egg? 

It’s and egg-shaped stone made of jade. It’s that simple.


What do you do with it? 

Think of this like yoga for your vagina. You use it internally and perform a series of practices that help to not only strengthen your muscles (which in and of itself increases your orgasmic potential). 


How does it work exactly? 

A regular jade egg practice includes a series of physical exercises. For example squeezing + releasing around the egg when it sits at various points in your vagina from close to the pelvic floor to up near the cervix. 

It also includes supportive mind / body practices to help you to release conditioning and build a healthy relationship to your sexuality and your body. 


What are the results of a regular jade egg practice?

  • It builds a strong mind / body connection so critical in how much pleasure you experience in sex
  • Supports you in letting go of any limiting thoughts or beliefs about yourself and your body that keep you from experiencing maximum pleasure
  • Brings you back to a healthy vibrant state of wholeness physically and mentally
  • Gives you more energy and vibrancy in all parts of your life


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Love. Andrea