How to know if an open relationship is right for you

I invited Relationship Style Expert Ria Bloom to talk us thru:

  • How to know what style of relationship you want

  • If you are built more for an open or monogamous relationship

  • And what is the foundation for any healthy relationship – no matter how it’s shaped

I wasn’t sure about monogamy when I first met Naz

And neither was he really. 🤯

Perhaps it was the dreaded divorce rate being so high

Or some of the myths out there that predict the inevitable death of love + romance like

Over time the sex gets boring and

The spark just dies

The 7 year itch

You get where I’m going with this. 

So we talked about open relationships 

Which threw wide open my issues with abandonment –

And I owned that

And all the intense emotions that came along with it.

So open relationship wasn’t really going to work for us

Monogamy forever didn’t feel like a complete truth for us either

So we decided on owning 

‘Present-moment Monogamy’ 

(I just made that title up)

With the space for this to change in future 

Should either of us feel it

Relationship style is a choice these days

And making the one that is right for you 

Can be downright confusing

Are you for 

⭐ Classic Monogamy

⭐ Monogamish – the new black

⭐ Pioneering with Polyamory 

🤷‍♀ Or somewhere in between all of that 🤷‍♂

Being upfront about where you stand – whether you are certain or if its something you want to explore – 

Will allow you to start a relationship off with trust, truth and clarity.

And that's the foundation for long-lasting goodness.