Build Supreme Confidence in Dating - Part 1

Part 1 of a 3 Part FB LIVE series ( on how to become so supremely confident in dating that you go on dates easily and live the aftermath of them gracefully.

What I share with you in Part 1 is first stage of a simple yet profound 3 part process that I learned to understand what was really going on.

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Get crystal clear on what you really want

The first part is to get super clear on exactly what it is that you want. So for example if you want to be in a relationship, then dig down into being in a relationship will bring to your life. What more will you have or experience. What more will it give you. 

Bring it into 3D

The next step is to visualize what this looks like when all 5 of your senses are engaged. What do you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch in this new reality. 

By doing this your body starts to register your future state in the present time. This does 2 things:

1. Lets your brain know that you can have this and survive.

2. Invites the parts of you that are afraid of you having this new reality to show up. If they weren't there, you'd already have done what it takes to have it!

Get to know your monsters

Begin to get to know the parts of you that are blocking you. Whilst they may seem like enemies at the moment, they came to you to help you in some way. Only now it's time they move on. 

Invite them to step aside

In Part 2 learn how to transform these monsters so that they step aside, freeing your pathway to your goal. 

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