How to find calm when the sea of love is rough and tumbles

We all get to a point in our lives when things feel too heavy to bear. When our breath draws short and our minds feel unable to navigate the twists and turns of all that is happening within and outside of us. 😔

It might happen in the early stages of dating or in a bit later in love or very far down the line. 

The fact of the matter is that connection with another, true connection where you show your heart even when it’s risky...especially when it’s risky...can turn things upside down in a minute. Or seconds. 

And you find yourself unable to breath. Forget about thinking as your mind races or slows to numbness. 🤯 And it all feels unbearably weighty. 

Like you can’t move. 

The chances of feeling overwhelmed by emotion when travelling towards deep love are pretty high. 🏋‍

I teach a quick simple practice taken from mindfulness that allows all of the above to happen, but also creates some space and within that space some peace even as you hold, feel, and experience intense emotion.

It’s helped me catch my breath again and come back to balance, even if only for a moment, when the going gets tough. 

And this has made all the difference. 

It doesn’t necessarily fix things, but it does bring some sense of calm in the midst of it all. And within this a sense of deep love. 

And you learn to hold yourself through, however imperfectly, the eye of the storm. 🌪

With love, calm and some stormy clouds 🌬