How to Receive Easily + Let in Love

Good people give. Greedy ones take (aka receive).

This cultural belief has wreaked havoc on relationships.

And has kept many of us single for far too long.

Too much giving (and no receiving) is a defence AGAINST INTIMACY.

Receiving creates connection.

HOW TO RECEIVE (and let love in)

  1. Start small - accept compliments w/ eye contact + really feel them land in your body. FInd the truth in it within yourself.

  2. Enjoy the pleasure of the gift - luxuriate in whatever is received. You’ll feel amazing. And the giver will so enjoy seeing you happy.

  3. Practice boundaries - know you don’t need to reciprocate. You can receive for the pleasure of receiving. Full stop. If anyone demands something in return, then you might question their motives in giving.


  1. Defense against intimacy / allowing someone closer - it feels vulnerable to open yourself to another in this way.

  2. Self-worth - you don’t feel you are worth the compliment, gift, etc.

  3. We’re rewarded as children for sharing, not for receiving

  4. We’re taught that pleasure is not safe to feel fully

  5. Receiving means letting go of some control + this feels scary.